Month: October 2014

The Death of a Spruce Tree

For the longest time now, we have known that forests directly affect climate change, but we still have yet to figure out just how much climate change can affect forests; especially when we haven’t been able to even measure just how much carbon dioxide the average tree can hold. These are all things that one… Read more »

How to Cure Dozens of Tree Diseases

A new solution is being developed and deployed in the UK that, allegedly, can cure dozens of tree diseases. The main component? Garlic – or more specifically – allicin, a chemical produced by garlic in the wild that usually only lasts 5-10 minutes. A company in Wales, that plans to product the organic process by… Read more »

Invasive Species to Save Spruce Trees

For over a decade spruce trees in Colorado have been dying to a small killer. That killer, the spruce beetle, is part of an entire subspecies of beetle that’s name literally means tree killer. These beetles, which spread through over 20 states and some of Canada have been silently killing trees and then having forest… Read more »