5 Facts about Blue Spruce Trees

Here are some facts on the blue spruce tree, or as known as the Colorado blue spruce, don’t worry, we won’t count that as a fact.

  1. The only place where the blue spruce tree is native to is the Rocky Mountains. Blue spruces can be shipped around the world, but it’s native and natural habitat lies around the Rocky Mountains, which includes central Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico and Idaho.
  2. Although the tree is grown in high altitudes (from 1 – 2 miles above sea level), it can be found growing along stream sides and mountain valleys where the soil is a little richer in moisture.
  3. Blue spruce trees are coniferous evergreens
  4. They’re tall. Blue Spruce trees can grow over 100 feet tall, with some over 150 feet.
  5. State tree of Utah and Colorado

These are just a few of the many facts about Blue Spruce trees. And we guarantee our blue spruce trees to hold up to these five facts listed above!