Added Features & Functions to Professional Landscaping

Professional landscaping brings out the best in any home front. When aesthetically designed by experienced architects and planted by expert gardeners, shrubs can do volumes for your curb appeal. But having professional landscaping designed and planted lends so much more to your property than aesthetics.

Sounds Barriers

Especially useful for homes near busy roads or highways, large plants effectively mute the sounds of traffic and pedestrian noise. Using such options as arbravites or Colorado blue spruce are best for these purposes because of their dense nature and typically larger size. The best composition is lining your property are orientating them as a barricade between your home and the noise source.


If your property is similar to that of most American homeowners, you live in an urban environment with neighbors. With homes so close together in urban and suburban environments, distance from each other isn’t a luxury most property owners get to enjoy. In addition to offering sound barriers, larger, denser plants also provide physical separation and privacy from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors.

Preventing Leaching

Again if you’re situation is similar to that of most Americans, your plot of land was developed on a lot. Unfortunately, a typical .25 acre urban lot doesn’t offer the most nutrient rich soil conditions. But with a moderate landscape design, your soil acquires more oxygen and nutrients, not to mention is more able to retain healthy growing conditions. This is best for the health of everything from your lawn to large oaks and spruces on your property. This principle also prevents uprooting.