All About Pinecones

If you’ve ever taken a walk through a forest or played at a park that had a lot of trees inside of it, then you’ve probably come across pinecones. But what do you really know about them, outside of the fact that they eventually fall off the trees that they come from and end up all over the ground? The truth is that pinecones are actually used as a means of reproduction for pine trees and that without these pinecones, pine trees would eventually die off and stop growing altogether. Therefore, pinecones are an essential part of nature and are the reason that pine trees continue to thrive generation after generation.

Blue Spruces For Sale in ColoradoAs you might expect, pinecones come from pine trees, including the Colorado blue spruce trees that we grow here in the state of Colorado. Unlike deciduous trees that may have seeds or nuts, like acorns or walnuts, blue spruces and other types of pine trees produce pinecones in both male and female genders as part of their reproductive cycle.

As horticulturalist Mark Cullen points out, male and female cones are present in all conifer species, sometimes growing on the same tree, depending on the species of pine tree. While the cones help pine trees reproduce, the cones themselves are not seeds, despite what many people think. Rather, the male cones release pollen which is carried by the wind to fertilize female cones, which then develop the scales that protect the seeds inside. Once matured, the cones open up and darken, though often will stay on the tree for a period allowing the seeds to be carried by the wind. Seeds can also move out into the world as cones fall and the seeds are eaten by wild animals and deposited elsewhere.

Pinecones are an interesting aspect of the pine tree, and at Spruce Point Tree Farm, we know the importance. We’ve been in the tree business since 1979 and know the significant role pinecones play in the development and continuation of pine trees. We have helped more than 50,000 people in Colorado get access to the blue spruce trees, and we would love to show you just how beautiful these trees really are. To learn more about our wholesale ordering options for your business or help finding the dealer nearest you, call us today at 970-379-2241.