Blue Spruce Planting Guide: Where and When to Plant

Colorado Blue Spruce Trees

The leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping, and the days are growing darker. Winter is quickly approaching, and what that signifies to us is that it’s time to plant blue spruces for the seasons! But not just anywhere—blue spruces have a specific set of watering and sunlight needs to ensure that these trees grow… Read more »

What Makes Your Colorado Blue Spruce Tree Blue?

Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

One of the most stunning features of the Colorado blue spruce tree breed is in its own name: the rich blue color. It gives the tree its signature appearance and distinguishes it from other similar breeds. Learn what causes the needles to turn blue, and what steps can be taken to make it bluer or… Read more »

4 Ways Trees Boost the Value of Your Home

Blue Spruce Trees Increase Property Value

There is a seemingly endless number of reasons why trees are beneficial for a property. They take pollution out of our air Their presence is proven to boost happiness and mental well-being They do their part in soaking up rainfall when a storm approaches But one element that homeowners often forget about is that trees,… Read more »

Four Tips for Trimming Your Spruce Tree

Taking Care of Your Blue Spruce Tree

If you have a spruce tree on your property, it’s important that you care for it and maintain its vitality. Fortunately, it’s easy to maintain these trees; in fact, the only time it’s even necessary is to rid the tree of dead or harmful pieces. Here are some tips for trimming your spruce tree! When… Read more »

How to Care for Your Trees in the Summer

Tips for Caring for Your Blue Spruce Tree Tree

If the summer season brings stifling hot weather to your neck of the woods, your trees are probably dreading it more than you are. It’s important to give your trees some extra attention so they stay comfortable and thriving during the summer heat! Mulch is a must Mulch does more than enhancing your curb appeal—it… Read more »

Common Blue Spruce Tree Problems

Blue Spruce Trees Infected by Disease

Warmer weather means blooming spruce trees! As the buds begin to open and start developing new needles, it’s vital for you to watch out for these common pests and diseases that could pose a threat to your blue spruce tree. Common Pests Spider Mites These tiny mites feed on young buds, causing the needles to… Read more »

The Benefits of Investing in Land

Spruce Point Tree Farm in Colorado

Land is not a common investment that people think to make, but maybe that’s because they don’t understand all of the benefits a bountiful plot of land offers. At Spruce Point Tree Farm in Colorado, we are well-versed in the rewards that come with owning land, especially land that is home to more than 42,000… Read more »

Spruce and Fir Beetles are back in Colorado in 2018

How to Prepare for Beetle Infestation in the South

At Spruce Point Tree Farm, we know all too well just how beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce Trees can be—that’s why we’ve delivered over 50,000 of them across the Centennial State since we started, in 1979. Unfortunately, in recent years, Colorado has also been home to a growing threat that kills its own natural wonder: spruce… Read more »

Why Blue Spruce Trees Make Great Living Privacy Fences

How to Plant Trees in Place of a Fence

Are you looking to put up a fence between you and your neighbors to give yourself more privacy, or maybe hide an unpleasant sight or sound near your home? A traditional fence isn’t your only option! You can use trees to serve as a living privacy fence instead and enhance the outside of your home… Read more »

Redlands Mesa Land Ideal for Colorado Farming

Redlands Mesa Land Ideal for Colorado Farming

From the ancestral Pueblo tribes to the arrival of Hispanic, French, and American migrants, Colorado has a long, diverse history of successful, subsistence agriculture and development in its Redlands Mesa Land. And it’s for good reason—or, actually, several. The Redlands Mesa Land is one of the most ideal sceneries for any future farming in the… Read more »