Protecting Your Garden from Deer

Protecting Your Garden from Deer

Have you looked out your window recently and spotted deer making their way through your garden? It can be frustrating to spend so much time tending to a garden, only to turn around and have deer eat their way through it. But deer get hungry, especially once winter rolls around, and they will often turn… Read more »

Majority of USA Facing Christmas Tree Shortage

Majority of USA Facing Christmas Tree Shortage

From New York to Los Angeles, the United States is facing a Christmas tree shortage. As of November 2017, Christmas tree farms have a reduced number of trees available for purchase. The 2017 Christmas tree shortage taking place in the United States has resulted in increased tree prices and a shortage of larger trees. Christmas… Read more »

Protecting Trees from Frost

Caring for a Blue Spruce

It might be hard to believe but winter is right around the corner; and here in Colorado, we’ve already faced some cold temperatures and snow showers. If you have trees that are susceptible to cold weather, it’s time to do all you can to protect them from upcoming frosts. Trees that experience severe enough weather… Read more »

Why Certain Pine Trees are Starting to Lean

Tree News

The vast majority of pine trees in the world stands straight up and don’t bend over at all. However, Cook pines trees which are native to the South Pacific and exist all over the world, do lean. If you’ve ever seen a Cook pine tree, you might notice that they lean heavily, almost as if… Read more »

Watering Colorado Blue Spruces in the Fall

Colorado Blue Spruce Trees

With summer quickly coming to an end, it’s time to get serious about fall landscaping care. Keeping your Colorado blue spruce trees well-watered in the fall is important in order to keep the tree hearty and cared for. Unfortunately, watering your tree isn’t quite enough. Read on to learn about how, and when, to water… Read more »

Protecting Your Blue Spruce

Protecting Your Blue Spruce in Colorado

If you’ve started to notice bare branches on your blue spruce tree and don’t know why, there is a strong change that insects are to blame. Insects and pests target blue spruce trees, often causing them to experience bare branches. Read on for a few key tips for protecting your blue spruce tree from pesky… Read more »

Buy a Booming Business: Spruce Point Is On the Market!

Colorado Blue Spruce Trees

Are you interested in purchasing a thriving tree farm that has been in business since 1979? Or are you looking to buy a large piece of agricultural property in Colorado that could be used for a variety of purposes? The current owners of the Spruce Point Tree Farm in Colorado are looking for the right… Read more »

Growing a Blue Spruce Tree

How To Grow A Blue Spruce Tree in Colorado

A blue spruce tree, or several of them, can be a beautiful addition to your yard and many people choose to grow them independently. If you’re interested in growing Blue Spruces in your yard this season, we have some tips for growing healthy, strong blue spruce trees. When you’re planting blue spruce trees, choose a… Read more »

From Sapling to Maturity: The Life Cycle of a Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce Tree Farmers in Colorado

If you are as big of a blue spruce fan as we are, then you want to know absolutely everything you can about these magnificent trees. From seed to sapling to fully mature tree, blue spruces have an interesting life cycle and can actually live for decades – even centuries! Let’s explore the full life… Read more »

Watering Your Blue Spruce: Are Spring Showers Sufficient?

Blue Spruce Tree Watering Information

The spring season is upon us, and most people think that means it’s time to let Mother Nature and her spring showers take care of watering our treasured blue spruce trees – right? Well, not quite. Just because the proverbial spring showers may bring rain more frequently than in other seasons, it doesn’t necessarily mean… Read more »