Five More Fast Facts About the Blue Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce Tree Facts

If you love blue spruce trees as much as we do then you know how special these trees really are. They are so much more than just simple trees. We previously discussed some amazing blue spruce tree facts, but these trees are just so impressive that one list simply could not do them justice. So… Read more »

Decorating Your Tree: Tips for Outdoor Holiday Lighting

Blue Spruce Wholesaler in Silverthone CO

With Christmas quickly approaching, people across the country will head outdoors to decorate the outside of their homes, including the blue spruces found in many yards across the state. If you are looking to make these beautiful trees light up this season, here are a few tips to make it safe and easy. Check the… Read more »

Planting in Fall: Tips for Autumn Blue Spruce Planting

Planting in Fall: Tips for Autumn Blue Spruce Planting

Fall isn’t just for bringing in the harvest – it’s also the perfect time to plant blue spruce trees! Blue spruces are extra durable in the fall. During this time, trees need less sunlight and food as they move into a winter period of dormancy. This means that they are less fragile and susceptible to… Read more »

Landscaping and Blue Spruce: Designing for Success

Spruce Trees For Landscaping Summit County CO

Those of us who love the beautiful blue spruce tree know how wonderful this species can be. This is why we choose always to celebrate this glorious tree, and you can do that, too, with some careful landscaping. Here are a few tips to designing a perfect set piece for your blue spruce. Pick a… Read more »

Cytospera Canker – Understanding this Common Tree Disease

There are several forms of spruce-killing canker diseases in the world, but the most dangerous and lethal by far is the cytospera canker. This disease is a killer of substantial proportions, and its most common victims include the Colorado, Norway and Koster’s blue spruce as well as the Douglas fir. To combat the disease, we… Read more »

Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation Said to Have Ended

Tree Replacement For Beetle Infestation in Colorado

A mountain pine beetle epidemic that has destroyed more than 5,000 square miles of Colorado forest since 1996 may be ending. The good news was revealed recently after a 2015 aerial survey that was conducted by the U.S. Forest Service and the Colorado State Forest Service. According to The Durango Herald, the epidemic is believed… Read more »

Identifying, Preventing and Treating Spruce Tree Problems

Spruce trees are popular options for many homes and businesses, providing an elegant look as well as shade, privacy and decoration. Like any tree, though, spruce trees can be affected by some arthropods and pathogens. Spider mites and needle cast are two of the most problems that may be seen in spruce trees. Let’s look… Read more »

Spring Planting Tips for Your Blue Spruce

Hello, spring, with your blue skies and warmer temps – what took you so long? Now that it’s here, the time is right for planting trees. Before you start planting, let’s take a look at a few key steps in ensuring your spruce trees get the best possible start. We’ll assume that you’ve already prepared… Read more »

Spruce Trees Found to Share CO2 Load

Trees grow by taking in carbon dioxide from the environment, mixing it with sunlight, and producing sugar: a simple, straightforward process known as photosynthesis. Right? Well, recent research suggests that there may be something interesting going on underground when it comes to a tree’s growth. A study at the University of Basel in Switzerland was… Read more »

A Brief History of the Christmas Tree

Blue Spruce Christmas Trees in Colorado

The holiday season is upon us, and whether or not you celebrate Christmas, you likely will be around a few Christmas trees in the coming weeks. While today it may seem ordinary and commonplace to bring a tree inside and decorate it during this time of year, the tradition didn’t always exist. So, where exactly… Read more »