Pine Needle Projects

Pine trees are admired for their beauty and distinct, crisp scent. They steal the spotlight every winter as the holidays bring trees into every home across the nation. As winter comes and goes, many of us are left with pine needs in the place of pine trees. These remnants don’t have to be just swept… Read more »

Hate Cleaning up Pine Needles? Don’t get a Fake Tree…

Choosing a Christmas tree isn’t as easy at it seems. There are a lot of elements that go into the right tree and make it the right fit for a family celebrating the season. Beyond the aesthetics and that great pine scent, you probably want a tree with needle retention. A longer lasting tree with… Read more »

Caring for Pine Trees, Preventing Disease

Pine trees are softwood evergreens of which there are about 110 species. Because they can grow in clusters they are great for wind protection and privacy. They do however require a certain degree of maintenance to regulate their health.     Most pine tree varieties grow rather quickly and prefer acidic, moist and well-drained soil…. Read more »

Added Features & Functions to Professional Landscaping

Professional landscaping brings out the best in any home front. When aesthetically designed by experienced architects and planted by expert gardeners, shrubs can do volumes for your curb appeal. But having professional landscaping designed and planted lends so much more to your property than aesthetics. Sounds Barriers Especially useful for homes near busy roads or… Read more »

Did You Transplant Your Christmas Tree?

Christmas has come and gone so now the question is: What did you do with your Christmas tree? If you went with a real Christmas tree this year, why not add it to your front or back yard? It’s always a shame to see dozens of trees upended in dumpsters when they could get a… Read more »

The Death of a Spruce Tree

For the longest time now, we have known that forests directly affect climate change, but we still have yet to figure out just how much climate change can affect forests; especially when we haven’t been able to even measure just how much carbon dioxide the average tree can hold. These are all things that one… Read more »

How to Cure Dozens of Tree Diseases

A new solution is being developed and deployed in the UK that, allegedly, can cure dozens of tree diseases. The main component? Garlic – or more specifically – allicin, a chemical produced by garlic in the wild that usually only lasts 5-10 minutes. A company in Wales, that plans to product the organic process by… Read more »

Invasive Species to Save Spruce Trees

For over a decade spruce trees in Colorado have been dying to a small killer. That killer, the spruce beetle, is part of an entire subspecies of beetle that’s name literally means tree killer. These beetles, which spread through over 20 states and some of Canada have been silently killing trees and then having forest… Read more »

South Dakota Kids Plant Spruce

In South Dakota, Pierre a group of students has been given a Black Hills Spruce Tree to plant within the forest nearby the city. The State’s agriculture department is behind the gifts and it was their hope to be able to promote the kids into taking care of the environment and to enjoy doing something… Read more »

The Oldest Root System in the World

We are quick to tout many of the great aspects of Colorado Blue Spruce here at the Spruce Point Tree Farm in Hotchkiss, CO. We grow a hardy stock of evergreens that are attractive for their attractive appearance and fresh fragrance. We’re able to do that because of the incredible nature of the spruce tree,… Read more »