English Tree of the Year

When it comes to picking the best tree in all of England, there are some serious contenders with ones like the tree that supposedly was used as a hideout by the heroic outlaw Robin Hood and his Merry Men. It just means that the Woodland Trust, who is making the decision, have some tough choices… Read more »

The Ultimate Treehouse

Did you ever grow up with a treehouse in your backyard? Or maybe a father who half built a treehouse for you and you could never use it because it wasn’t done? Well, there are definitely a few that were finished and some of them you just can’t believe. Recently on the grand opening of… Read more »

Tips and Tricks on a Successful Tree Transplant

Transplanting trees is an important part of getting both the look and optimal practically for your backyard or garden. There are five steps to be taken for a successful tree transplant. First, be sure to scope out where you want the tree to be transplanted. Not only should it look great, but also the spacing… Read more »

What is Permafrost?

Global warming has been a hot topic for a few years now. However, Sarah James, an Alaska Native Elder, has noted yet another effect taking root in her hometown. The melting permafrost in Northeastern Alaska is causing erosion which is drastically changing the natural skyscape of that reason. The trees are tilting. Permafrost, permanently frozen… Read more »

Replanting Lost Trees Lost During Weather Emergencies

Natural disasters can wreck a path of devastation like few other things in this world. The damage a community suffers after a tornado or hurricane isn’t just limited to homes and businesses. Many long-time residents may be shocked at how an extreme weather event can affect the entire layout of their neighborhood by uprooting dozens… Read more »

What is Utah’s State Tree?

The first bill passed in this session of Utah’s State Legislature had nothing to do with healthcare, education or even state funding. Instead, it was about trees. A fourth-grade class from Monroe Elementary School approached Rep. Brad Wilson, R-Kaysville, claiming that it wasn’t a very good idea to have a neighboring state’s name in Utah’s… Read more »

In this Life, We Rely on Trees

The environment relies a lot on the various forms of plant life available in forests and wild areas. Trees are especially important as converters of carbon dioxide into oxygen, but they can provide a number of other benefits to humans. We should always be thinking about planting more trees, and when planned effectively, those trees… Read more »

U.S. trees improving after Clean Air Act

Joyce Kilmer’s poem “Trees” begins, “I think that I shall never see / A poem lovely as a tree.” It ends, “Poems are made by fools like me, / But only God can make a tree.” Kilmer poem is a celebration of all trees. They’re extensions of Earth’s beauty, daily reminders of the magic all… Read more »

Treemendous Tree Facts

Check out this infograph on trees! And if you look at the bottom of the graphic you will see our favorite tree, the state tree of Colorado, the Blue Spruce!   Treemendous Tree Facts infographic

Colorado Blue Spruce Water Requirements

When looking for a low-maintenance tree that can survive under mostly any condition, the Colorado Blue Spruce tree is the answer. These evergreens are big, strong and can live to be over 500 years old in the right conditions. How a property owner can ensure the growth and life of the blue spruce is by… Read more »