Trees are nature’s natural remedies

This blog talks mostly about the benefits of Colorado Blue Spruces in your garden, but what about the benefits of trees in general? Trees offer so many benefits in your garden and in the world in general. & Let’s go over some general benefits of having a blue spruce tree and just regular trees on… Read more »

Caring For Your Blue Spruce Tree

Various tree hazards occur naturally, and some are a result from nearby construction. Caring for your spruce is important to its health, because hazards are rarely avoidable without proper maintenance. The hazards caused by overgrown trees are dangerous to the tree, as well as passersby. For ideal safety, ensure your landscapers are pruning your spruce… Read more »

The Link Between Trees and Human Health

A new study by the U.S. Forest Service, reports there is evidence to support the fact that “exposure to the natural environment can improve human health.” Scientists with the Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station saw the loss of the 100 million trees in the Eastern and Midwestern states, as an opportunity to study the… Read more »

Beetles Kill, but Not the Spruce Trees of Colorado

If you are unaware of the current mountain pine beetle and bark beetle epidemics wreaking havoc on the forests of Colorado, it is an important topic to be educated about. According to an article from the Aspen Times, “The Forest Service estimates that the mountain pine beetle alone has wiped out 3.18 million acres of… Read more »

Life-size characteristics of the Colorado Blue Spruce

The blue spruce tree has proven to be a well-known, tree of choice for many. The blue spruce has many appealing characteristics that attract people to line their Colorado landscapes or to decorate ski lodges with. Since we have made it our life’s work to plant and care for this type of tree, we want… Read more »

Blue Spruce Trees: a solution to the Colorado beetle takeover

The  is a very hated insect in Colorado. In the year 2011, hundreds of thousands of forest acres was destroyed by this pesky and damaging beetle. Residents who once had beautiful tree lined properties are disgusted and saddened by the beetle takeover.   Once a year, beetles swoop into Colorado’s forest to take over living… Read more »

More reasons you need a blue spruce tree in your yard

The majestic blue spruce tree makes a great addition to any garden. They’re big, they’re low maintenance, and they look pretty all year round. Well let’s take a look at five more reasons why it would be beneficial for you and your family to purchase a Colorado blue spruce tree from Spruce Point Tree Farm…. Read more »

Welcome to our Blue Spruce Tree Blog

Hey everyone, welcome to Spruce Point Tree Farm in Colorado! We are one of the largest vendors of Blue Spruce trees, not only the great state of Colorado, but the United States. Since we grow our Blue Spruce’s in Colorado, we focus our sales in Colorado because we know they can handle the Colorado environment…. Read more »