Blue Spruce Planting Guide: Where and When to Plant

The leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping, and the days are growing darker. Winter is quickly approaching, and what that signifies to us is that it’s time to plant blue spruces for the seasons!

But not just anywhere—blue spruces have a specific set of watering and sunlight needs to ensure that these trees grow to the best of their abilities.

When should I plant my blue spruce?

Colorado Blue Spruce TreesThere are a few factors that determine when you should plant your blue spruce, starting first with climate.

In a climate that stays relatively warm year-round, you can basically plant all year-round without problem. But if your climate is much colder, then you should consider looking at a freeze/frost map to get a good sense of planting times in your area.

Then there’s the matter of roots.

A balled or burlapped tree will need to be planted before the canopy grows, so think late winter, or early spring. Bare roots have to be in the ground before leaves start growing, so late winter through early spring is a solid bet here.

If your blue spruce is in a pot, then consider late spring through early fall for planting time. All of these decisions are determined by two key factors: the amount of light, and water.

Where do blue spruce trees grow best?

And now the other important question: where will blue spruces thrive?

What we suggest, to make things a bit easier, is to heavily consider looking at the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map, which gives you a detailed look at the entire country, and where’s best to plant. It divides the country up into different temperature zones, which should be informed by the previous section. Find your area and get planting!

After doing a bit of research about your location, you’re ready to plant your Colorado blue spruce trees! Call Spruce Point Tree Farm at 970-379-2241 today to get started.