Welcome to our Blue Spruce Tree Blog

Hey everyone, welcome to Spruce Point Tree Farm in Colorado! We are one of the largest vendors of Blue Spruce trees, not only the great state of Colorado, but the United States. Since we grow our Blue Spruce’s in Colorado, we focus our sales in Colorado because we know they can handle the Colorado environment. Since 1979, we’ve been planting and selling trees to folks across the country, including 50,000 that have been distributed throughout Colorado.

We pride ourselves on having the best, beetle free trees in the state. It’s something our customers have relied on and something you can rely on when your nursery or landscaping company orders our trees.

Located in Hotchkiss, Colo., we’re just a short drive from Denver, Grand Junction, Pueblo and even Eastern Utah.

Stop by often to check out other factoids about our farm and how are blue spruce tree farms are superior to all the others in Colorado.