Blue Spruce Trees: a solution to the Colorado beetle takeover

The Colorado Blue Spruce Tree is a very hated insect in Colorado. In the year 2011, hundreds of thousands of forest acres was destroyed by this pesky and damaging beetle. Residents who once had beautiful tree lined properties are disgusted and saddened by the beetle takeover.


Once a year, beetles swoop into Colorado’s forest to take over living and healthy trees at a shocking rate. Contractors, landscapers and residents are looking for any way to restore the beauty of a property and prevent, if at all possible, a beetle invasion.


You can have your trees sprayed, but this can be costly and is not a guarantee to save the trees. Once a beetle infestation has taken place, it’s a pretty sure thing that the tree will be killed.


Spruce Point Tree Farm has a solution for those desperate to find a replacement for the rapidly dying trees. Our blue spruce trees make a healthy replacement to repel the mountain pine beetle due to the excellent health of the trees. The beetles are more likely to invade older, rotting trees.


If you find your trees to be infested with the mountain pine beetle, take action, remove the dead or dying tree and contact us to replace them with our beautiful blue spruces.


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