Caring For Your Blue Spruce Tree

Various tree hazards occur naturally, and some are a result from nearby construction. Caring for your spruce is important to its health, because hazards are rarely avoidable without proper maintenance.

The hazards caused by overgrown trees are dangerous to the tree, as well as passersby. For ideal safety, ensure your landscapers are pruning your spruce routinely.

Pruning a spruce isn’t like pruning the small oak in your yard, these are much larger, bulkier trees, but once they mature…they require it less frequently.

Pine and spruce trees usually reside in backyards or commercial landscapes, towering over buildings in some settings. If the spruce grows freely in an open area, the need for pruning may decrease in urgency. Eventually, you will only need to prune annually, because it grows in a pyramid shape and there are fewer hazards.

Spruce trees rarely produce new branches and buds, so a good rule is to remove a part of the growth after spring. Once your spruce has overgrown, it may have lost its pyramid shape- and it could be too late.

For tips on how to care for your spruce tree, watch this informational video on how to prune pines.