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How to Maintain Your Blue Spruce Tree’s Life

blue spruce needle branch

Blue Spruce Trees can be great additions to your yard making it look attractive and full of life. They require little maintenance after planting, but there still should be some care taking involved. Light and Water Once planted, the Colorado blue spruce lives a full life in full sun, but also can grow in partial… Read more »

Spruce and Fir Beetles are back in Colorado in 2018

How to Prepare for Beetle Infestation in the South

At Spruce Point Tree Farm, we know all too well just how beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce Trees can be—that’s why we’ve delivered over 50,000 of them across the Centennial State since we started, in 1979. Unfortunately, in recent years, Colorado has also been home to a growing threat that kills its own natural wonder: spruce… Read more »

Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation Said to Have Ended

Tree Replacement For Beetle Infestation in Colorado

A mountain pine beetle epidemic that has destroyed more than 5,000 square miles of Colorado forest since 1996 may be ending. The good news was revealed recently after a 2015 aerial survey that was conducted by the U.S. Forest Service and the Colorado State Forest Service. According to The Durango Herald, the epidemic is believed… Read more »

Blue Spruce Trees: a solution to the Colorado beetle takeover

The  is a very hated insect in Colorado. In the year 2011, hundreds of thousands of forest acres was destroyed by this pesky and damaging beetle. Residents who once had beautiful tree lined properties are disgusted and saddened by the beetle takeover.   Once a year, beetles swoop into Colorado’s forest to take over living… Read more »