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How Blue Spruce Trees Benefit Your Nursery

spruce trees in the mountains

Acquiring Blue Spruce Trees for your nursery can be very beneficial to your business and sales.  Blue Spruce trees are sought after for many different reasons, and they are usually a year-round sell. The fact that they can withstand some extreme conditions is one of the reasons, and there are many more! Landscaping Blue Spruce… Read more »

Spring Cleanup Checklist for Your Yard

Landscaping your yard with blue spruce trees

It’s springtime, which means it’s time to get your yard all spruced up for the summer. This isn’t a dreadful time of the year because it means that summer is right around the corner, and you want your yard to be in the best-looking condition there is. Make it Look Tip-Top for Memorial Day There… Read more »

The Benefits of Investing in Land

Spruce Point Tree Farm in Colorado

Land is not a common investment that people think to make, but maybe that’s because they don’t understand all of the benefits a bountiful plot of land offers. At Spruce Point Tree Farm in Colorado, we are well-versed in the rewards that come with owning land, especially land that is home to more than 42,000… Read more »

Redlands Mesa Land Ideal for Colorado Farming

Redlands Mesa Land Ideal for Colorado Farming

From the ancestral Pueblo tribes to the arrival of Hispanic, French, and American migrants, Colorado has a long, diverse history of successful, subsistence agriculture and development in its Redlands Mesa Land. And it’s for good reason—or, actually, several. The Redlands Mesa Land is one of the most ideal sceneries for any future farming in the… Read more »

Buy a Booming Business: Spruce Point Is On the Market!

Colorado Blue Spruce Trees

Are you interested in purchasing a thriving tree farm that has been in business since 1979? Or are you looking to buy a large piece of agricultural property in Colorado that could be used for a variety of purposes? The current owners of the Spruce Point Tree Farm in Colorado are looking for the right… Read more »