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11 Interesting Facts About Blue Spruce Trees

Colorado Blue Spruce Tree Facts

Blue spruce trees are an impressive species, so before you take to your property with a shovel and young blue spruce, there are a few things that you should know. Here’s everything you need to know about the blue spruce tree! 1. The only place where the blue spruce tree is native to is the… Read more »

Why Blue Spruce Trees Make Great Living Privacy Fences

How to Plant Trees in Place of a Fence

Are you looking to put up a fence between you and your neighbors to give yourself more privacy, or maybe hide an unpleasant sight or sound near your home? A traditional fence isn’t your only option! You can use trees to serve as a living privacy fence instead and enhance the outside of your home… Read more »

Redlands Mesa Land Ideal for Colorado Farming

Redlands Mesa Land Ideal for Colorado Farming

From the ancestral Pueblo tribes to the arrival of Hispanic, French, and American migrants, Colorado has a long, diverse history of successful, subsistence agriculture and development in its Redlands Mesa Land. And it’s for good reason—or, actually, several. The Redlands Mesa Land is one of the most ideal sceneries for any future farming in the… Read more »

Spruce Syrup? Making a Unique Taste from Your Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce Trees For Landscaping in Colorado

Spring is right around the corner and if you love syrup, then you know that the spring is the best season for getting fresh and delicious sap to turn into syrup. Whether you like simply boiled sap fresh from the tree or prefer syrup that’s bottled and flavored with butter or mixed with cinnamon before… Read more »

Five More Fast Facts About the Blue Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce Tree Facts

If you love blue spruce trees as much as we do then you know how special these trees really are. They are so much more than just simple trees. We previously discussed some amazing blue spruce tree facts, but these trees are just so impressive that one list simply could not do them justice. So… Read more »

Cytospera Canker – Understanding this Common Tree Disease

There are several forms of spruce-killing canker diseases in the world, but the most dangerous and lethal by far is the cytospera canker. This disease is a killer of substantial proportions, and its most common victims include the Colorado, Norway and Koster’s blue spruce as well as the Douglas fir. To combat the disease, we… Read more »

Spruce Trees Found to Share CO2 Load

Trees grow by taking in carbon dioxide from the environment, mixing it with sunlight, and producing sugar: a simple, straightforward process known as photosynthesis. Right? Well, recent research suggests that there may be something interesting going on underground when it comes to a tree’s growth. A study at the University of Basel in Switzerland was… Read more »

Watering Tips for Your Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

Colorado Blue Spruce Christmas Trees

Choosing a Christmas tree can be a wonderful holiday tradition, but if you don’t make sure to take good care of your tree during the holiday season, your home might end up covered in pine needles for the better part of the spring. Here are some tips for to make sure that your blue spruce… Read more »

Fall Tree Care Tips

Taking care of your trees is a year round job, but there are a few specific things you should keep in mind as we approach autumn. This is especially true if there has been a particularly hot summer. One of the first things you should keep in mind is the fall fertilization process. There may… Read more »

Hate Cleaning up Pine Needles? Don’t get a Fake Tree…

Choosing a Christmas tree isn’t as easy at it seems. There are a lot of elements that go into the right tree and make it the right fit for a family celebrating the season. Beyond the aesthetics and that great pine scent, you probably want a tree with needle retention. A longer lasting tree with… Read more »