Life-size characteristics of the Colorado Blue Spruce

Colorado Blue SpruceThe blue spruce tree has proven to be a well-known, tree of choice for many. The blue spruce has many appealing characteristics that attract people to line their Colorado landscapes or to decorate ski lodges with.

Since we have made it our life’s work to plant and care for this type of tree, we want to educate you a little on what it takes to grow a blue spruce.

The blue spruce is one of the tallest of evergreens, growing to an average of 50 to 75ft. tall. One blue spruce  located in Utah currently stands 122 feet tall.

Blue spruces grow at a slow to medium growth rate with a pace of about 12 inches per year. During the first few years, you’ll see a shorter number of inches grown. Peak bloom periods are during the months of April and May.

Spruces can reach an average of 15 feet wide, which is why growers suggest planting your blue spruces at least 15 to 20 feet apart. The blue spruce is known to grow very strong roots, which makes it more wind resistant over other Western spruces.

Typical uses of blue spruce includes adding color to a yard from the tree’s silver blue-green needles and providing a privacy barrier between yards because of the tree’s enormous size at full growth.

We take excellent care of our blue spruces so that when planted in your yard, you’ll spend more time enjoying the tree’s beautiful appearance than having to take care of it. We currently have many trees ready for shipment so be sure to contact us about purchasing information.