Did You Transplant Your Christmas Tree?

Christmas has come and gone so now the question is: What did you do with your Christmas tree? If you went with a real Christmas tree this year, why not add it to your front or back yard? It’s always a shame to see dozens of trees upended in dumpsters when they could get a second chance to add a bit of atmosphere to the neighborhood. Spruce up your landscape and get the most bang for your buck by following these simple steps to planting your tree outdoors.

Before digging into your yard, be sure to call 811 to have your utilities staked to avoid digging into an electrical line or a water pipe. Next, pick a spot! Just remember that evergreen trees do require a lot of space once they reach maturity. Spare the mailbox the indignity of being covered by green and plan accordingly.

Evergreens are huge. Use this to your advantage and plant it as a natural privacy barricade. At the very least, be aware of where sunlight is potentially going to be blocked out after your evergreen grows up.

Also remember that trees “wake up” in warmth. So if your tree has been inside for 2 weeks, gradually let it cool back down again or else the shock of going right out into the yard may make it impossible to successfully transplant. Try putting the tree into a garage or a shed that has little heat, but still offers more protection from the cold than nothing.

Finally, be sure to regularly water the new addition to the yard for the first few weeks. The tree should be pretty self-sufficient after that, but excessive watering is required to allow the root system to take in the beginning.

For more information on a successful tree transplant and for all of your tree needs, contact Spruce Point Tree Farm today!

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