English Tree of the Year

When it comes to picking the best tree in all of England, there are some serious contenders with ones like the tree that supposedly was used as a hideout by the heroic outlaw Robin Hood and his Merry Men. It just means that the Woodland Trust, who is making the decision, have some tough choices to make, which is probably why they are asking the public to put forth entries by the end of September, so they can vote on them in October.

The point of the vote and contest is to hopefully highlight just how important individual trees can be to a community. By stressing the importance, they are also hoping it will reduce the amount of vandalism that tends to happen to trees within city limits. Of course, the trees are still at risk to disease, decay and other non-human actions, but if we can remove the human ones we certainly give iconic trees a chance to thrive.

A number of ancient tress have popped up from this event, but also ones that have a story attached to them, just like the Robin Hood tree. A few others include one tree that was supposedly planted after the seed was salvaged from a Spanish Armada Shipwreck. There’s also stories that are more historical, like one Dorset tree that was used for a meeting place for what was thought of as one of the first Trade Unions, The Martyrs, back in 1830.

Maybe this idea will blend into America and other countries to stress importance to trees and the stories that have surrounded those trees as they have lasted for many human generations. It never hurts for people to respect and gain more information about the kind of damage these trees have suffered because of us, while also playing important roles in history or folklore.

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/woodland-trust-initiative-examines-trees-famous-roots-9670079.html