Four Tips for Trimming Your Spruce Tree

If you have a spruce tree on your property, it’s important that you care for it and maintain its vitality. Fortunately, it’s easy to maintain these trees; in fact, the only time it’s even necessary is to rid the tree of dead or harmful pieces.

Here are some tips for trimming your spruce tree!

When to trim

The best time to trim your tree is in late winter or early spring. It’s best to trim them when the branches are not actively growing, so aiming for this time of year is ideal as it is well before any new growth occurs. Trimming during this time also lessens the chance of damaging the tree bark or causing any fungal diseases.

Taking Care of Your Blue Spruce TreeWhere should you prune?

Remove any diseased limbs from the tree to prevent them from harming any other areas of the tree. You should cut them all the way back to the trunk in order to fully rid the tree of the dead limb. However, don’t remove any branches that do not clearly exhibit fungus or are simply a bit discolored.

Pro tip: The best way to know if a branch is dead is if there aren’t any new needles growing from it.

Use the correct shears

Use pruning shears to trim the ends of branches that are causing the tree to lose its shape or remove some of the bulk. Just don’t be overenthusiastic or you could accidentally take off too much, weakening the tree.

Clean the area

After all is said and done, you’re bound to have a good amount of debris that has accumulated at the bottom of your spruce. Clear the area of the material to prevent attracting diseases and pests.

You should only ever need to trim your spruce on a yearly cycle at the end of winter making them the perfect low-maintenance tree for your property. If you’re interested in purchasing a Colorado blue spruce tree, give us a call us at 970-379-2241 for more information!