Fun Facts About Spruce Trees

Spruce TreeDid you know that while most spruce trees grow to be anywhere from 60 to 200 feet tall, they can grow even taller? That’s right; certain varieties of spruce trees can reach even greater heights, including the Sitka Spruce. In fact, with a maximum height of 300 feet, this is by far the tallest spruce tree variety out there.

Wood from spruce trees has shown up in several important moments throughout history, including the first aircraft built by the Wright brothers. Spruce wood was  not only the central component to the “Flyer,” it is also central to several different types of musical instruments like pianos and guitars.

A spruce tree can produce both male and female pine cones, all of which are green to begin with and eventually turn brown. The female cones from spruce trees are much larger than the males while the male cones contain the pollen.

In the wild, most spruce trees can survive well over 100 years. On a lawn or in landscaping, spruce trees can live as up to 60. But there are some exceptions to the rules; some of the oldest spruce tree breeds are among the oldest trees on earth, with some in Sweden almost 10,000 years old! As humans, with a lifespan of around 80 years, it’s fascinating to explore and comprehend species– plant or animal– which can grow as old as this.