Hate Cleaning up Pine Needles? Don’t get a Fake Tree…

Choosing a Christmas tree isn’t as easy at it seems. There are a lot of elements that go into the right tree and make it the right fit for a family celebrating the season. Beyond the aesthetics and that great pine scent, you probably want a tree with needle retention. A longer lasting tree with less mess is also something to keep in the forefront.

The Douglas Fir is a very popular tree. They are typically grow to be full and dark green, making them great for hanging ornaments and being the focal point of any room. When you first bring this tree home it will bring the smell of fresh pine to your entire house as its one of the most fragrant varieties. The Douglas Fir is also known for long lasting needles that don’t easily fall off the tree.

The Colorado blue spruce also retains its needles. Found in shades from dark green to a powdery blue, blue spruce needles are very stiff and last a very long time. But they should be kept in a cooler place away from constant heat or sun, which will make the needles drop off faster than normal.

The Scotch Pine is most well known for its strong, lasting aroma that fills the home when its brought back and set up. It is one of the most popular Christmas trees as well due to its stiff branches that can hold up even the largest collection of ornaments. The needles are ridged and normally dark green, they last easily for four weeks and even when they dry out, don’t drop off the branches.

As you shop around, you should also keep in mind the trees that are more likely to lose their needles. The Norway Spruce for example is a pretty tree but has poor retention when it comes to its needles. The White Pine is good for anyone sensitive to strong scents but the needles wont likely make it long before or after the Christmas season.