How to Care for Your Trees in the Summer

If the summer season brings stifling hot weather to your neck of the woods, your trees are probably dreading it more than you are. It’s important to give your trees some extra attention so they stay comfortable and thriving during the summer heat!

Tips for Caring for Your Blue Spruce Tree TreeMulch is a must

Mulch does more than enhancing your curb appeal—it also helps keep your tree cool. Be sure to avoid mulches that will intensify heat instead of depleting it. Your trees will appreciate a mulch that’s rich in oxygen and nutrients which mimics the forest, their natural habitat.

Keep an eye out for fallen leaves

Fallen leaves may be a norm for the fall, but in the summer, this could be a sign that your trees are struggling. The heat can stress a tree out to the point that they start shedding leaves and twigs. This is commonly known as “summer dormancy.” The best way to nurse your tree back to health is with a better watering schedule!

The best way to beat the summer heat is with some refreshing water

Speaking of bettering your watering schedule, there is a right way and a wrong way to water your trees. Too little water is just as bad as too much, so it’s essential to find a balance. The best way to check your watering levels is by looking at the soil. The goal is a damp soil around your tree that still allows oxygen to get to your tree’s roots. You can easily achieve this watering goal with about 30 seconds of a solid stream from your hose.

Follow these tips to keep your trees thriving all summer long and if you’re looking to add to your landscaping, consider a Colorado Blue Spruce Tree from Spruce Point Tree Farm! They’re slow-growing and are known to stand the test of time and climate! Call us at 970-379-2241 today to learn more about these beautiful trees.