How to Maintain Your Blue Spruce Tree’s Life

Blue Spruce Trees can be great additions to your yard making it look attractive and full of life. They require little maintenance after planting, but there still should be some care taking involved.

blue spruce needle branchLight and Water

Once planted, the Colorado blue spruce lives a full life in full sun, but also can grow in partial shade. The tree only needs a medium amount of water, with a soaking every 2-3 weeks. It can handle dry soil even though it enjoys it to be moist. A good thing to do is edge out a small island around the base of the tree and spread mulch to keep the base cool and the moisture in.


There are some pests that can do some damage to your blue spruce trees. The trees are mostly resistant, but not fully. You should be looking out for spider mites, which are the worst for your tree. If the tree’s needles are yellow, this could be a telling sign it’s infected. Hose off the tree if it’s small and use an insecticidal soap for larger trees. Spruce beetles can occasionally infest blue spruce trees, but as of right now, blue spruce trees are not affected by the type of beetle that is currently infesting forests of Colorado. If you see pale yellowish-green color on the needles, this could be a sign of and infestation. Resin along the trunk can be signs as well.

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