How to Save Your Spruce Tree

Spruce Trees are rather tough and strong in cold temperatures, but some environmental factors can cause spruce trees to be very picky. Some of these factors can cause them to die or appear to be dying. We want you to understand the difference, and if it is dying, how to save it.

spruce trees on a mountain in ColoradoWhere?

The place where you plant your spruce tree is critical to its survival. Although they can withstand the cold, they don’t do so well in windy and soggy conditions.

Cold wind can cause burn, which will turn needles brown. You can plant a wind blocking tree on the side of the spruce tree where the wind is hitting, so that it won’t get hit as much.

What Could be affecting it?

Pests and bugs can also be factors in dying spruce trees if not taken care of properly. Sawflies and budworms can cause the needles to turn brown, and after time the tree will slowly die if not dealt with sooner rather than later. You can combat them by using insecticidal soap and water mixture to apply the tree at night.

Cytospora Canker is also a problem for Colorado Blue Spruce trees. When you see low hanging brown needles and white resin, prune the branches back to the next branch to prevent the disease from spreading.

You may notice browning needles and an unhealthy look to your spruce tree, but it may not actually be dying.  It just needs some loving, which you can do on your own. Some factors can manifest into larger problems down the road, but if you catch the issue early on, you can save your beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce Tree.

Spruce Point Tree Farm

If you would like to learn a little bit more on how to take care of your spruce’s life, check out our blog post on maintaining the tree’s life!

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