In this Life, We Rely on Trees

planting treesThe environment relies a lot on the various forms of plant life available in forests and wild areas. Trees are especially important as converters of carbon dioxide into oxygen, but they can provide a number of other benefits to humans. We should always be thinking about planting more trees, and when planned effectively, those trees can make our homes a lot more comfortable and improve many other quality of life factors.

First of all, trees can offer a natural system of shading and insulation for houses. Deciduous trees can keep a home cooler during the hot summer months by offering their leaves as shade over a roof or windows. Once the weather cools tremendously in the winter, these trees lose their leaves and allow sunlight to naturally enter a home, providing some extra heat.

Trees can also serve as a buffer, protecting a home from the brutal force of the elements. Pine trees and other evergreens work very well in this regard, especially as they don’t lose their needles as the winter approaches. Blasts of wind are buffeted against these trees when they’re planted close to a home. This prevents gusting from sucking up all of the heat from a house and carrying it away into the wind.

When a tree is growing healthy in the wild, it can increase the health and biological diversity of the soil in which it is planted. Trees not only remove carbon dioxide from the air, they can also suck up dust particles and other pollutants, helping to support public health. In areas that receive a lot of flooding, a fully-grown tree can suck up hundreds of gallons of water per day, alleviating those weather conditions as well.

Spruce Point Tree Farm is certainly aware of how important it is to have a healthy population of deciduous and evergreen trees in our world. If you need a blue spruce tree for your home or business in Colorado, our farm will provide you the strongest and most beautiful specimens you’ll find.

*Image courtesy of George Mayer