Keeping Pets Away from Your Christmas Tree

Blue Spruce Christmas Trees in Summit County COWith Thanksgiving and the biggest shopping day of the year – Black Friday – at the end of the month, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Many retailers have started putting out their holiday displays, and you’re starting to plan on unearthing the ornaments and decorations from the attic or storage space. As you get ready to plan for your holiday tree, it’s also a good time to start thinking about how to keep your pets safe – and away – from your Christmas centerpiece. Here are a few tips to keep the cat and dog away from the tree.

Citrus Spray

Cats are naturally adverse to the smell of citrus. One way you can help deter them from trying to climb into the branches is by positioning an orange- or lemon-scented spray or deodorizer in the vicinity of your tree. Not only will this add a great smell to the Christmas tree area, but should help keep your curious kitty away.

Fence It Off

An option for keeping puppies from devouring your presents, bumping the tree or drinking the water in the base is to use a training fence or exercise pen to prevent your dog from getting near the tree. This will protect your holiday from a playful pup who might want to make a snack of your presents. Plus, the fence still allows you to bask in the wonderful glow of your beautiful tree.

Secure the Cords

Lastly, make sure that the only shocks your family has to deal with this season are happy surprises on Christmas morning. After stringing the lights, secure cords to ensure that none of your four-legged family members can cause problems. Cats and dogs both sometimes like to chew on power cords, so consider protecting any low connections with wire or tape to give them extra protection. Just as with the citrus spray, using a coating of citrus can also help deter your feline friend. To protect wiring from pups, consider using a cord container that can organize and hide wires, or use a short length of PVC piping to keep them out of side – and out of your dog’s mouth.

By planing ahead of time, you can make sure that you’re prepared to enjoy the holiday without any unexpected problems from knocked over trees or presents turned into chew toys.