Landscaping and Blue Spruce: Designing for Success

Those of us who love the beautiful blue spruce tree know how wonderful this species can be. This is why we choose always to celebrate this glorious tree, and you can do that, too, with some careful landscaping. Here are a few tips to designing a perfect set piece for your blue spruce.

Pick a Quality Tree

Before you even begin thinking about how to landscape for your spruces, you have to ensure that you are setting yourself up for success by purchasing a high-quality tree. The trick to getting the best is finding the bluest tree you can find. Pick your tree correctly, and you’re already off to a good start.

Spruce Trees For Landscaping Summit County COChoose Proper Companion Plants

Once blue spruces start growing to their full potential, they can become a towering presence. This reason alone is why you should find companion plants that have the ability to grow along with the spruce as opposed to becoming dwarfed by the spruces full size.

Blend Colors

One of the most pleasant methods you can employ for your landscaping is picking a variety of plants and trees of comparable colors. You don’t want other trees and plants to overwhelm the spruce as your central feature, but you do want the plants to complement one another. Try choosing reds, blacks, bronzes and purples, as these are excellent complimentary colors. If you want to add a special splash of color that will contrast but still complement, try gold, yellow, pink or even chartreuse, says eHow.

Add Some Natural Elements

As with any landscaping project, you want to make sure that the choices you are making are adding depth to your landscape, creating more of a natural feel instead of a manufactured one. One easy way to do this is to add some natural elements, such as roots, stumps or old logs, around the bases of the trees. You can also add some bark mulch surrounding the area to complete the natural scene.

Start your landscape with the finest looking blue spruce trees by shopping with Spruce Point Tree Service. We pride ourselves on having the best trees in the Denver area and throughout Colorado, and we would love to share our treasures with you. To learn more or to find a dealer near you, call us at 970-379-2241 today.