Landscaping Around Spruce Trees

Spruce Trees can add some great beauty to your yard, but incorporating your landscaping ideas around the trees can be tricky. If you do it right and maintain your landscaping, your spruce trees and flower beds will create a beautiful scenery.

Blue Spruce Tree landscapingHere are some tips for landscaping around your spruce trees:

  • Edging and mulch – the best thing to do to landscape around your blue spruce trees is to edge out a circle around the tree. Make sure the circle is big enough to do maintenance and weeding. Skim the grass inside the circle and lay down some fresh soil.  The last part is to put down black or brown mulch in the circle.  This will make the tree look much cleaner and nice. 
  • Planting – adding plants to the small circular bed is also an option, but it’s good to know which ones will grow and stay alive. This can be very stressful because the soil is acidic around spruce trees and grass especially, does not like to grow there. These plants will do well under spruce trees: Hosta, Ferns, Lily of the Valley, Woodland Sunflower, Bearberry, Wild Geranium, Azalea, Jacob’s Ladder, Heuchera, Sweet Woodruff and Ivory Sedge.
  • Trimming – because the trees grow in a pyramid shape, there are fewer hazards. They rarely produce new branches and buds, so it’s good to prune back after spring. Make sure there isn’t any overgrowth on the bottom.

Spruce Point Tree Farm

Spruce Point Tree Farm is a wholesale blue spruce tree farm in Colorado that is a trusted source for hearty, beautiful, high-altitude Colorado blue spruce trees. We sell them to the wholesale market by the truckload in sizes ranging from 6 feet tall to 20 feet tall. We serve retail-wholesale nurseries and landscape contractors throughout Colorado. Contact Spruce Point Tree Form at 970-618-5427 today to find out more about our wholesale Colorado blue spruce trees!