Planting in Fall: Tips for Autumn Blue Spruce Planting

Fall isn’t just for bringing in the harvest – it’s also the perfect time to plant blue spruce trees!

Planting in Fall: Tips for Autumn Blue Spruce PlantingBlue spruces are extra durable in the fall. During this time, trees need less sunlight and food as they move into a winter period of dormancy. This means that they are less fragile and susceptible to changes in temperature and conditions than they might be in the spring or summer. Planting in fall also gives the dirt more time to settle around the roots and for the tree to acclimate to its new environment. You’re also giving your trees a headstart – rather than waiting for spring, they are already in the ground the moment that everything starts to thaw.

Planting in fall comes with some unpredictability, of course, but there are some things you can do to protect your trees through the winter and ensure a successful spring. Sometimes, when the temperature of an environment is swinging from very high to very low, the changes can cause a trees root system to be squeezed to death, a process known as “heaving out.” Evergreens that have been transplanted at other times of year have such developed root systems that heaving out is almost impossible, but if the temperature is fluctuating between being very hot during the day and freezing at night, heaving can force a transplanted tree or sapling right out of the ground. Packing some bark mulch around the base can offer a bit of insulation to prevent this heaving.

Blue spruces that are transplanted in the late fall also still need sunshine and water like any other time of year, but don’t require much fertilizer at all to stay healthy. In fact, it’s so easy to overfertilize the trees in fall that we recommend not adding any fertilizer at all unless the needles seem to be losing their dark green color.

One last note: Up until the first deep freeze, you should water your transplanted tree regularly. This ensures that your tree gets all the moisture that it needs to thrive and helps keep the roots moisturized, which can prevent problems with drying out that are more common in the winter season.

Fall can be a great time to plant, and with a little planning and patience, you’ll have healthy, happy trees thriving once the spring comes around. To learn more or to find the Spruce Point Tree Farm distributor nearest you, call us today at 970-379-2241.