Protecting Your Blue Spruce

Protecting Your Blue Spruce in ColoradoIf you’ve started to notice bare branches on your blue spruce tree and don’t know why, there is a strong change that insects are to blame.

Insects and pests target blue spruce trees, often causing them to experience bare branches.

Read on for a few key tips for protecting your blue spruce tree from pesky aphids, Cooley spruce gall adelgids and other pests that affect blue spruce trees.

Know Your Enemy

While several types of insects cause bare branches on blue spruce trees, the most common types are aphids and Cooley spruce gall adelgids. The two bugs look a lot alike, but a good way to tell if you have Cooley spruce gall adelgids is to check for a cotton-like substance. These are egg sacs that Cooley spruce gall adelgids leave behind on tree branches.

Choose the Right Weapon

Tree Help  has a comprehensive list of pests that commonly afflict blue spruce trees, plus the best insecticides to deal with them. Prefer organic treatments? Try Neem oil, which is an organic insecticide.

Prevention is the Best Treatment

Once you’ve identified which type of insect is spoiling the beauty of your blue spruce tree, you can develop a prevention plan. Spray in January for aphids, and in late October or early November for adelgids. Whatever you do, avoid spraying actively growing trees, which may cause new growth to burn.

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