More reasons you need a blue spruce tree in your yard

The majestic blue spruce tree makes a great addition to any garden. They’re big, they’re low maintenance, and they look pretty all year round.

Well let’s take a look at five more reasons why it would be beneficial for you and your family to purchase a Colorado blue spruce tree from Spruce Point Tree Farm.

  1. Privacy

    Maybe you live in an area where people can see your backyard quite easily, or your home is located where people can see right in the windows. Or maybe you just have nosey and annoying neighbors. Either way, a couple of big, bustling Blue Spruces will have them trying to peek through the needles to see what’s going on. With the blue spruces voluptuous size, they can make a natural privacy fence to any yard.

  2. Filling out the landscape

    have a lot of land, but not a lot of trees? Well, a couple of blue spruce trees help fill the void and empty space in your yard. These trees can grow upwards of 100 feet and can get pretty wide, so it’s a great way to set up a natural boundary for your yard

  3. Hard to kill

    Like a lot of coniferous evergreens, blue spruce trees are hard to kill. They don’t need a lot of water, they don’t need to live in warm weather and can survive harsh winters. Also, they’re resistant to the beetle kill, which has destroyed Lodgepole pines that are found in higher elevations. It’s really low maintenance.

  4. Long Lasting

    If you’re looking for a full, long lasting tree, than look no further. These trees can last of upwards of 800 years. Really nothing more to say than when this tree is healthy, it’s going to grow and live.

  5. Natural Christmas tree

    Blue Spruce trees are used in many homes as Christmas trees, so essentially by having a few in your yard, you’ll have the luxury of having a tree to choose for Christmas!