Redlands Mesa Land Ideal for Colorado Farming

From the ancestral Pueblo tribes to the arrival of Hispanic, French, and American migrants, Colorado has a long, diverse history of successful, subsistence agriculture and development in its Redlands Mesa Land. And it’s for good reason—or, actually, several.

Redlands Mesa Land Ideal for Colorado Farming

The Redlands Mesa Land is one of the most ideal sceneries for any future farming in the state, especially with the cultivation of blue spruce trees and other crops. Here we elaborate on what makes this land so valuable.

Unmatched Irrigation

Isolated by mountains and valleys, the earliest Coloradan farmers had to form their own irrigation systems to truly benefit from the lands available to them, by digging ditches at first, and eventually laying in miles of pipes and water lines. As a result, the land has an irrigation infrastructure that is nearly unmatched anywhere else in the state. This is immensely important for any farmers looking to buy land here, and develop in the future.

Precious Soil

Did you know that nearly half of Colorado’s land area—a whopping 66 million acres—are dedicated to just farms and ranches? That should come as no surprise for the farmers and growers who know the land here. The Redlands Mesa Land aside, the soil in Colorado is some of the most fertile in the country, providing reliable, quality soil that can be used to grow just about anything. And with, perhaps, the most diverse geography of any state in the country, Colorado has long been home to a wide range of exports in vegetables, fruits, and livestock, attracting agricultural industries nationwide as the place to be.

Robust Industry

It goes without saying that Colorado is having a renaissance. Urban development and growing industry appeal are driving a new boom in the state, one that is leading to added dollars and value to any new investment. As a result, farmers and growers who choose to invest here will have access to a growing customer base, as Colorado is one of the fastest growing states in the country. Education is also a crucial feature, with employers here having access to an extensively educated workforce. Not to mention import and export capabilities: with reliable airports and rapidly developing transit systems, Colorado is on the road to the future.

With Spruce Point Tree Farms, there has never been a better time to invest in the Centennial State! We are currently seeking out a buyer for our land. If interested, contact us today.