Replanting Lost Trees Lost During Weather Emergencies

Natural disasters can wreck a path of devastation like few other things in this world. The damage a community suffers after a tornado or hurricane isn’t just limited to homes and businesses. Many long-time residents may be shocked at how an extreme weather event can affect the entire layout of their neighborhood by uprooting dozens or sometimes hundreds of trees.







In some communities across the nation, residents are getting a much needed hand in replanting trees they’ve lost on their own properties during weather emergencies. For one town in New Jersey, this is providing the first step back towards normalcy after one of the worst disasters ever seen in the northeastern United States.

In Toms River NJ, village residents will be able to obtain up to five seedlings for free to replace any they may have lost during Superstorm Sandy, which hit the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area during October 2012. As this article published by Toms River Patch explains, a project known as the New Jersey Tree Recovery Campaign is offering this program to help locals find new ways to rebuild.

The campaign, financed jointly by the Arbor Day Foundation and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s State Forestry Services, is making 115,000 seedlings available to residents in more than 100 cities and towns across the state. These seedlings will grow into full-size trees if planted properly away from utility lines and structures. This project is being hailed by many as a very helpful way to address the destruction of Sandy, which included thousands of downed trees all over the region.

Here at the Spruce Point Tree Farm, we’re aware that planting a tree in a community serves public and social health in a couple of ways. As a wholesaler of blue spruce trees, we like to think that some of our inventory has gone to help communities that have lost woodlands due to natural disasters. We ship to communities around the state of Colorado and beyond.