South Dakota Kids Plant Spruce

In South Dakota, Pierre a group of students has been given a Black Hills Spruce Tree to plant within the forest nearby the city. The State’s agriculture department is behind the gifts and it was their hope to be able to promote the kids into taking care of the environment and to enjoy doing something that helps the environment. This way each of the kids also feels more connected to the community as they can drive by the tree they planted in the urban forest and point out which one was theirs.

In some cases, the trees were delivered to homes of the families of the students, and the students could then choose where they wanted to plant their tree. Some have already mentioned having it planted in their backyard, while others want to place theirs somewhere public. Of course, it wasn’t only the State agriculture department that was behind this. In particular, the Izaak Walton Conservation group was actually the ones who supplied the Spruce trees so that they could be planted.

Regardless everyone involved including parents of the children have said it is a great way to introduce the care of a tree and other vegetation in the world to the kids. This entire plan wasn’t just for the kids though, or even just the environment by planting trees. It’s also meant to protect the trees that already exist in the South Dakota capital. With these new spruce trees planted, they can intermingle and produce better trees with all the current ones in Pierre. This will lead to a sturdier tree that can go up against some of the encroaching invasive insect species in South Dakota.

Overall, it seems to be a solid plan that benefits numerous parties, including parties in the future. Hopefully more Spruce trees get to change the lives of others.