Spring Planting Tips for Your Blue Spruce

Hello, spring, with your blue skies and warmer temps – what took you so long? Now that it’s here, the time is right for planting trees. Before you start planting, let’s take a look at a few key steps in ensuring your spruce trees get the best possible start.

Planting in Spring: Tips for Spring Blue Spruce PlantingWe’ll assume that you’ve already prepared the soil and added any additional nutrients needed. The good news? You don’t have to dig a mile deep. Instead, you only need to work a spade back and forth to create a trench for the new tree. This digging should create a hold that’s about one foot deep, and you should take care to scoop out any loose soil.

Once you’ve got your location prepared, grasp the sapling by the trunk with one hand, and gently feed the roots into the bottom of the trench, pressing them into the soil at the bottom. Watch carefully – sometimes the roots will curl back upwards, so you should lift the tree again gently once you’ve set the roots and settle it at the right planting elevation. Before filling the oil in, pour a quart of more of fresh water into the trench, allowing it to drain before pressing down the soil underfoot.

Speaking of watering, having an effective irrigation plan is essential for ensuring your sapling’s survival. An easy way to keep your fresh tree hydrated is by using hanging drip-irrigation bags. That’s not always feasible or necessary, however, if you have an existing sprinkler or watering system or trust yourself to water the tree every day.

Your sapling can benefit from a few easy landscaping changes, too. One is to create a berm area around your tree and fill it with garden mulch. The depression area will collect water for the tree, while the mulch serves to prevent weeds, retain moisture in the soil and moderate the soil temperature.

At Spruce Point Tree Farm, our trees get their start in silty-clay loam soil, helping them to get a strong and healthy start. We offer trees throughout Colorado, and work with wholesale nurseries and contractors alike to provide the highest quality blue spruce trees available. To learn more about our available trees or even more planting tips, call us today at 970-379-2241.