Spruce and Fir Beetles are back in Colorado in 2018

At Spruce Point Tree Farm, we know all too well just how beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce Trees can be—that’s why we’ve delivered over 50,000 of them across the Centennial State since we started, in 1979.

Unfortunately, in recent years, Colorado has also been home to a growing threat that kills its own natural wonder: spruce and fir beetles.

How to Prepare for Beetle Infestation in the SouthIn recent weeks, the Colorado State Forest Service released its annual Report on the Health of Colorado’s Forests, and with it came a dire warning: the beetles are coming. In 2017, the office deployed more than 13,000 packets of pheromone in Gunnison and Hinsdale counties, covering over 650 acres. 67,000 new, previously uninfected areas were seen statewide in 2017. After a five-year upward trend, 2018 may see similar numbers.

The culprit can be linked to a warming climate across the state, which invites more of these pests to arrive sooner, rather than later. An increased wildfire suppression, which allows larger older trees to survive and spread is also to blame for attracting these pests. And unfortunately, the office reminds us, there’s not a fix-all solution.

Unlike other beetles in the past, the Colorado Blue Spruce Trees are susceptible to these spruce and fir beetles, and high-elevation tree owners should definitely take heed. However, the spruce beetles, in particular, infest fallen or dying trees, and then rapidly hatch from there.

One of the best prevention methods the Colorado State Forest Service advises is replacing your dying or fallen trees as soon as possible.

At Spruce Point Tree Farm, we encourage all of our customers to do the same—this way, you’ll be protected against this imminent danger. Give us a call at 970-379-2241 if you have any questions about spruce or fir tree beetles and want to learn more about replacing your fallen trees. We’re happy to help in any way we can and have healthy blue spruce trees readily available!