The Benefits of Investing in Land

Land is not a common investment that people think to make, but maybe that’s because they don’t understand all of the benefits a bountiful plot of land offers. At Spruce Point Tree Farm in Colorado, we are well-versed in the rewards that come with owning land, especially land that is home to more than 42,000 blue spruce trees! Learn more about investing in land and perhaps you’ll be ready to take on a beautiful 179 acres in Colorado.

It’s the recreationalist’s dream

Spruce Point Tree Farm in ColoradoNot only would you be able to call the open land your own, but you would be able to immerse yourself in the Colorado wilderness. Within the Spruce Point ranch property itself, you can fish, hunt, horseback ride, hike and much more. There’s the Blue Mesa Reservoir not too far away and also the canyon country around Moab offering so many activities for you to do.

Preserve and enjoy a limited resource

True nature and unindustrialized land is hard to come by these days, so instead of buying something materialistic that isn’t built to last, invest in land. Opportunities to purchase an incredible piece of land aren’t abundant, and this is only the second time in history that Spruce Point has come up for sale.

Inexpensive to own, plus continuous profit

Once you make the purchase, your land won’t cost you a penny more. Instead, it will give you another opportunity to put money back into your wallet. With no mortgage payments or utility bills, your land has the potential to provide you with a sufficient income. At Spruce Point Tree Farm, not only do you get to reap the rewards of this breathtaking piece of nature, but you also will enter into a booming market, with a current market value of more than $9 million in the tree inventory.

Spruce Point Tree Farm is located amidst the most agricultural and natural land you’ll find in the United States. Covered in thousands of Colorado blue spruce trees that are sold and shipped to nurseries, developers, and homeowners every month, this land is thriving agriculturally and economically. If you are interested in purchasing the Spruce Point Tree Farm land and business, please call us at 970-379-2241 today!