The Oldest Root System in the World

We are quick to tout many of the great aspects of Colorado Blue Spruce here at the Spruce Point Tree Farm in Hotchkiss, CO. We grow a hardy stock of evergreens that are attractive for their attractive appearance and fresh fragrance. We’re able to do that because of the incredible nature of the spruce tree, a variety known across the world for its longevity.

Many Americans think of spruce as a seasonal tree, one that often gets discarded once the holiday season ends and January rolls around every year. As this article from The Epoch Times discusses, however, there are some versions of this species that can last for thousands of years.

In fact, perhaps the oldest root system that still exists in our world comes from a spruce tree. Sweden is home to a Norway spruce with a root system that researchers believe is at least 9,500 years old. Incredibly, this is almost twice the age of the second-oldest tree included on the list, a 4,800-year-old bristlecone pine growing in California’s Inyo National Forest.

Another amazing aspect of this particular tree is the fact that, although the root system is from the original tree, a new trunk clones itself every 600 years. Each time the trunk dies, a new one grows up from the root system to take its place.

Not only are spruce trees durable and long lasting, they can easily be grown given the right conditions. Here at the Spruce Point Tree Farm, we’ve produced more than 50,000 trees for sale over the past few decades. Our disease-free trees have robust fibrous root systems, which help them thrive in whatever silty-clay soils in which you plan on planting your tree.

The Spruce Point Tree Farm has a healthy inventory of Colorado Blue Spruce which will be ready for you whenever you show up to our orchards. Small orders may be available through dealers in your area, but feel free to call us with any wholesale and bulk orders you may have.