The Ultimate Treehouse

Did you ever grow up with a treehouse in your backyard? Or maybe a father who half built a treehouse for you and you could never use it because it wasn’t done? Well, there are definitely a few that were finished and some of them you just can’t believe.

Recently on the grand opening of the Roper Mountain Science Center in July, the center revealed four designs for some of the most grandiose treehouses. Sure, it does sound a bit odd for a science center to have treehouses, but that’s because these designs were meant to provide both a fun physical activity and some learning.

Each of the tree houses focuses on various elements of physics and other sciences, like learning pulley and lever systems. But these fun and scientific treehouses go even one step further, which any Tree farm like Spruce Point can get behind. The treehouses had to be designed in a way that wouldn’t damage or harm the tree. So while there are some of the wackiest designs with these treehouses they are also perfectly green and safe for the tree. That includes not using any kind of nails straight into the bark of the tree.

These treehouse designs just go to show that it is entirely possible to build a treehouse from any tree, while protecting the tree, providing fun, and having fun with the designs too! The four tree houses that are now set up at the Science Center use a variety of materials including recycled aluminum tubes, bamboo canes, and other logs of wood. The result was mostly tree houses that wrapped around a certain tree from the bottom up, creating some unique spiraling designs.

Each of the tree houses take advantage of things like running a bridge up in the canopy between two trees, or a slide wrapping around the entire trunk of a tree. The ideas were all created by four completely different people and provided scientific information on recycling, physics, and even pathing the movement of the sun each day, as well as watching a garden from a vantage point on a tree house for learning about other plants!

Overall, the designs were beautifully crafted and just go to show, there is plenty you can do with a tree. So much in fact that you can do multiple things at once!