Tips and Tricks on a Successful Tree Transplant

Transplanting trees is an important part of getting both the look and optimal practically for your backyard or garden. There are five steps to be taken for a successful tree transplant.

First, be sure to scope out where you want the tree to be transplanted. Not only should it look great, but also the spacing and watering requirements of the new tree need to be met. Take the needs of trees already in the area into account as well.

Dig the new hole before you dig the tree to be transplanted up. The longer the roots go without soil, the lower your chances of a successful replant.

Next, estimate the depth and width of the rootball. The new hole should be about double the size of the tree’s rootball. The hole shouldn’t be too deep, as too much room could lead to puddling and rotting in the tree’s new home.

The assumption is that breaking up the soil in the bottom of the new hole would help the roots to take hold. However, this can actually lead to the hole being widened and subsequent rotting. So, resist the urge and leave the soil hard.

Always dig around the tree. Try to leave about 3 inches of space between the shovel and the tree at all times to avoid cutting the roots with the blade of the shovel. After transplanting the tree, mound up the dirt around the base to help it settle. Spread a 3-inch layer of landscaping mulch around the tree and care for it as you would any other tree.

For more tips and tricks on a successful tree transplant, contact Spruce Point Tree Farm. On the other hand, order right from us and let us take care of the transplant for you!