Tips for Taking Care of Your Real Christmas Tree

Tis the season for holiday cheer! Are you springing for a real tree this year for your Christmas celebrations?

We’ve compiled some tips and tricks for taking care of your tree, so that it lasts until New Years.

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Head to a reputable nursery

Buy a freshly cut tree from a trusted tree farm or a reputable nursery. Assess the field when you go, as well! If you see a ton of needles on the ground, take your business elsewhere.

Prepare the tree for your home

After you choose the perfect tree for your home, it’s time for transport. When you get home, saw a few inches off the bottom of the trunk before placing it in the base. By cutting the bottom of the tree, you are essentially opening its pores, so that it can more easily absorb water.

Water your tree!

A newly cut tree can absorb a gallon of water in 24 hours! Make sure you are filling the tree stand with water frequently, but never let the water go below the base of the tree.

Protect your tree

Keep your Christmas tree away from major sources of heat like fireplaces, heaters, etc. This will help prevent your tree from drying up quickly.

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