Tricks to Keep the Needles on your Xmas Tree

Christmas treeYes, it is only July- no need to check your calendar. But the holidays sneak up on us and will be here before you know it. It’s never too soon to stat taking notes on what to do when the middle of December rolls around and you head down to the tree farm to pick out your Christmas tree.

I’m sure if you’ve done any research on maintaining Christmas trees longer, you’ve heard all the trick solutions. Some claim to have seen results somewhere along the way by spraying the entire tree with hairspray. Still others claim additives to the tree’s water source, such as Viagra, fertilizer or even bleach, stretch out the lifespan of a Christmas tree. Fact of the matter is none of these myths even make a remote difference.

All trickery aside, scientific conclusions indicate 10 days after a tree is cut down, ethylene is released. This is the element queueing the tree to shed its needles. This element contributes to the decomposition of all organic matter, such as produce and houseplants to woodland trees and shrubbery. Inhibiting ethylene release is the foundation to preventing needle loss on your Christmas tree.

Interfering with ethylene release is much easier than you may realize. One inhibitor for ethylene release is methylcyclopropene. This component is the main ingredient in EthylBloc water additive and will extend the life of your Christmas tree from about 40 days to over 75 days.

For those seeking to extend the life of their tree to about 90 days can add amino-ethoxyvinylglycine. Both are EPA approved and will keep your tree greener and Christmas around longer.