Watering Tips for Your Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

Colorado Blue Spruce Christmas TreesChoosing a Christmas tree can be a wonderful holiday tradition, but if you don’t make sure to take good care of your tree during the holiday season, your home might end up covered in pine needles for the better part of the spring. Here are some tips for to make sure that your blue spruce Christmas tree stays healthy all throughout the yule time season.

Blue spruce trees are popular for their beautiful blue-green to silver-blue color, hearty needles and strong branches, capable of holding even your heaviest ornaments. To ensure that your tree stays fresh one you get it home, make sure that it never runs out of water. Your tree stand should be able to hold at least a gallon of water at a time, if not more, and you should check it regularly to make sure it’s always full.

You also want to get the freshest tree available to minimize falling needles and maximize the life of your tree. The longer that a tree sits around after being cut, the more likely it is that they will suffer from needle loss, so be sure to ask how recently the tree was cut down before you purchase. You can also ask to have your tree notched at the bottom – a small cut, roughly a quarter-inch deep – that will help the tree to soak up the water from your tree stand more quickly.

Once you get your tree inside, keep it away from windows that get tons of sunlight, as well as the fireplace and any heating vents as the hot, dry air will pull the moisture out of your tree. If your vents are in an unavoidable location, you can use heating vent covers – available at any home supply store – to help direct the warmed air away from your tree.

After setting up your tree, be sure to also give the branches a bit of time to rest before decorating. This allows the tree to acclimate to room temperature and will relax any branches that may have been tied up taught before making it to your home. No matter what, though, don’t forget to check the water. Even a few hours without water could seriously dry out your tree and cause needle loss.

Ignore all those myths online about adding Aspirin or sugar to your tree’s stand – all it really needs is a constant source of cool water and a humid environment to stay lush and green for you and your family throughout the holiday season.

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