Watering Your Blue Spruce: Are Spring Showers Sufficient?

The spring season is upon us, and most people think that means it’s time to let Mother Nature and her spring showers take care of watering our treasured blue spruce trees – right? Well, not quite.

Just because the proverbial spring showers may bring rain more frequently than in other seasons, it doesn’t necessarily mean that nature can do your job for you. Let’s look into some watering tips to keep your blue spruce trees healthy this new season and all year long.

Blue Spruce Tree Watering TipsWatering in Spring

While blue spruce trees can grow to extraordinary heights and live for as long as 800 years, they actually have slow growth rates. As part of this, that also means the trees don’t generally need constant watering. Spring showers will greatly benefit the trees – bringing fresh water following the cold and dormant season – but some particular techniques should be used when considering your tree’s hydration needs.

From the start, blue spruce trees survive best in moist soil that is well-drained and has a pH between 6.0 and 7.5, says SFGate. A good way to check if your spruce needs water is to put a finger into the soil about an inch deep and see if you feel moisture. If you do not, then soak the soil while being careful not to overdo it.

It is also important to be mindful about overwatering. Blue spruce and other spruces are well known for being drought tolerant, but they do poorly at the other end of the spectrum. Flooding and heavily saturated soil can damage the health of blue spruce, so avoid excessively watering your trees.

During the Rest of the Year

If you follow the general watering guidelines, then your blue spruce will survive just fine, even in hotter months. The fact is that these trees are very drought-tolerant and can withstand warmer temps, so they will not shrivel and die at the first sign of heat. During the peak of summer, following the finger test method above, you can keep your tree healthy and vibrant and help it thrive throughout the year.

If you’re having a difficult time maintaining moisture in the ground around your tree, using bark or mulch around the base of the trunk can help. This will help prevent evaporation, meaning your watering should last longer, and will also help keep the soil temperatures more moderate – kind of like a blanket for the root base. Plus, mulch will deter the growth of weeds and other plants that could be sapping away some of the moisture.

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