What Makes Your Colorado Blue Spruce Tree Blue?

One of the most stunning features of the Colorado blue spruce tree breed is in its own name: the rich blue color.

It gives the tree its signature appearance and distinguishes it from other similar breeds. Learn what causes the needles to turn blue, and what steps can be taken to make it bluer or maintain that natural blue color.

The needles can switch between blue & green

Colorado Blue Spruce TreeEver see a Colorado blue spruce tree with a friend, and you both have different accounts of what is blue, and what is green? That’s a common occurrence with the breed. The needles can rotate between green and blue; some specific breeds, in fact, may be more inclined to swing one way or another and that’s because of what causes the blue color: wax.

The color of Colorado blue spruces is largely determined by a wax that is formed on the needles, which depends on the wavelength of light hitting the tree itself, as well as the actual care that tree is receiving from its owner.

If your blue spruce tree starts to turn green

That’s what leads us to our next point: how do we make sure that that blue color sticks around if it starts to show signs of turning green?

The first tip pertains to the wavelength of light. You’ll want to be sure to give the Colorado blue spruce plenty of sun, and the ability to properly drain in an area with hardy soil. Furthermore, make sure you water the soil sufficiently, especially when the temperatures rise. The tree itself needs to be given proper fertilizer, on a regular schedule.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to not only give the Colorado blue spruce tree the care it deserves, but also, maintain the natural, beautiful color that it’s known for. If you’re looking to purchase a tree, or have any other questions or concerns about its development, contact us at Spruce Point Tree Farm today!