Where to Plant Blue Spruce Trees in Your Yard

On this blog, we’ve spilled a lot of (digital) ink on the benefits of blue spruce trees, and where they’re most common. But one question we get often from our customers is much closer to home: once I have the trees, where should I plant them?

We’re happy you asked!

There are several factors to consider when planting your blue spruce trees, many of which will determine how they will grow in the coming years.

Here’s what to know:

Uprooting a Blue Spruce TreeSpace it out

Space plays an oversized role in the decision-making behind planting blue spruce trees in your yard. Where is the position that will not only offer the tree the most opportunity for growth, but also, not affect other structures or systems you have in place?

It’s worth doing a personalized survey of your property to best target areas that fit the criteria.

Where’s the wind?

And while you’re at it, why not plant a blue spruce that will save you some green?

Find a spot that’s upwind from your home, and the tree will help block the wind in the winter, thereby saving you on heating. And in the summer, vice versa: shade is always a plus when it comes to keeping things cool.

Think landscape

And finally, it’s worth stating that a tree will quickly become a centerpiece of your backyard.

What does that mean?

Remember the aesthetic of it all—you’ll want to plant it in a place that best shows off its features and doesn’t overwhelm other pieces of your yard. And who knows: maybe you can even add some design elements around the tree itself. Matching flowers, anyone?

When it comes to planting blue spruces in your yard, make it a decision that counts! For more information on where to plant, contact us at Spruce Point Tree Farm today!