Why Blue Spruce Trees Make Great Living Privacy Fences

Are you looking to put up a fence between you and your neighbors to give yourself more privacy, or maybe hide an unpleasant sight or sound near your home? A traditional fence isn’t your only option!

You can use trees to serve as a living privacy fence instead and enhance the outside of your home while also getting the privacy you desire.

How to Plant Trees in Place of a FenceThere are a variety of trees or even shrubs that you can use to create a living privacy fence around your property. However, one of your best options is the blue spruce tree. The biggest advantage that blue spruce trees offer is that they have the ability to grow to be tall and wide, making them perfect for shielding your home and yard from the prying eyes of those who live around you. These trees will have a more attractive appearance than any tall vinyl fence bordering your property.

Although you could utilize other types of trees, blue spruce trees grow slowly and are very tolerant of different climates and soil conditions. It is, of course, ideal to place blue spruce trees into rich soil that will encourage their growth. But blue spruce trees are known for being drought-resistant, and they will thrive in spite of frost and wintry conditions. This means that once you have planted them around your yard, they will remain stable there for a long time and won’t be harmed due to the weather.

If you’re thinking putting up a privacy fence, you should strongly consider blue spruce trees! Spruce Tree Point Farm can provide you with all the blue spruce trees you’ll need to create a living privacy fence that is both effective and beautiful. Call us at 970-379-2241 today to place an order!