Welcome to Spruce Point Tree Farm!

Spruce Point Tree Farm is a wholesale blue spruce tree farm in Colorado that has become a trusted source for hearty, beautiful, high-altitude Colorado blue spruce trees.
Once our trees are big and healthy, we sell them to the wholesale market by the truckload in sizes ranging from 6 feet tall all the way up to 20 feet tall.

Colorado Wholesale Blue Spruce Tree Farm

The History of Spruce Point Tree Farm

At Spruce Point Tree Farm, we have been planting and harvesting gorgeous blue Spruce trees on the sunny slopes of our Colorado tree farm since 1979. Through the years, we’ve delivered over 50,000 Colorado blue spruce trees to satisfied customers throughout the state. Our trees have all been carefully grown and nurtured under ideal conditions with expert care on the southern point of Redlands Mesa at our high country Colorado tree farm in Western Colorado.

The Goal of Spruce Point Tree Farm

Our goal has always been simple. We want to be the best Colorado wholesale Blue Spruce tree farm around. We want to supply Colorado resort towns, Denver wholesale nurseries, and others with the best Blue Spruce trees available.

Blue Spruce Trees For Sale in Colorado

Who Spruce Point Tree Farm Serves

We provide wholesale blue spruce trees to customers involved in some of the finest construction projects in the state. Our landscape contractor clients know that we grow the kind of blue spruce trees that Colorado resorts and homeowners desire. We also supply the blue spruce trees that contractors in Denver, CO desire to create the most natural and attractive landscapes around.

Wholesale tree nurseries rely on Spruce Point Tree Farm to be their Colorado wholesale Blue Spruce tree farm, whether they are located in the high country, on the western slope, or on the Front Range near Denver. High country sources look to us, and we supply the Blue Spruce trees that Aspen and Telluride are famous for.

Our customers include some of the state’s largest wholesale and retail nurseries. They look to our Colorado tree farm for Colorado blue spruce trees that will not only look great upon arriving but that will thrive for years to come.

Summit County CO Blue Spruce Trees

At Spruce Point Tree Farm, our trees are nursery grown at high altitude in silty-clay loam soil to produce healthy, beautiful, disease-free trees with fibrous root systems. As a leading supplier for both the wholesale spruce tree and construction landscape industries, many steps are taken to provide the highest standards of plant quality and transplant survival.

Orders are field direct from Spruce Point Tree Farm and truckload only! Freight is available on request. Call us at 970-379-2241 for more details. For smaller orders, please call for the dealer in your area.